Veggies vs Junkies

The Story

Post nuclear fallout of 3021: There are no more humans, no more animals, just vegetables and junkfood. The VeggieMates need to eat the Junkies in order to survive, and the Junkies must eat the VeggieMates in order to live.

It’s a fight for survival and all that’s left are the VeggieMates and the Junkies.

Who’s side are you on?



Chief Creative Officer


Big Banana


Chief Potato


Chief Blockchain Consultant


Community First
The core of our project is to create a healthy community focused on promoting better financial, physical, and mental wellness. The goal is to connect with people from all around the world, in efforts to enrich each other's lives.
Art Focused
Our artist RobotLim is an experienced artist with a passion for his craft. For the VeggeMates series RobotLim pushed the boundaries of generative art by creating an NFT collection with 160+ traits using 10 separate base layers of different shapes, colors, and sizes
Utility Based
We believe utility is the ultimate benefit of NFTs. We will reward NFT holders in various ways including but not limited to giveaways, token compensation, and exclusive access to mints.


Virtually Made is a decentralized entertainment company. Virtually Made provides a wide array of experiences through NFTs, comics, animations, games, and more. We are a blockchain-based corporation, with an emphasis on creating engaging content. The goal of Virtually Made is to enrich the lives of others through community engagement and entertaining content.

Minting May 18!!

S2 Junkies (10k) mint will start May 18th, 2022 at 8PM UTC.

The first 24 hours will be a 1:1 White List mint for VeggieMate holders, followed by public mint May 19th, at 8PM UTC for any Junkies left. Cost will be 40 ADA for Whitelist, and 60 ADA for the public mint. Snapshot for whitelist will be taken at a random time 24-48 hours before mint.

S1 VeggieMates (10k) mint was November 17th, 2021, 21:00 UTC.

$Greens are a native token on the Cardano Network. The primary use of $Greens will be to fuel the Virtually Made entertainment ecosystem. $Greens will be the game currency in the VeggieMates vs. Junkies game. $Greens will also be applied in other utility applications such as Merchandise, Music, and NFTs.

3% of purchases will be used by the team to invest back into our community and project.